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****Please take a moment to read this. It is for your own good!

Please beware of uninsured & uninspected companies that are on the rise!

You may find a moon bounce for a cheap price, but is it a commercial grade unity? How big is it? Are there any hidden fees? Most importantly, are they insured and licensed by the state??

In the state of PA, ALL inflatable rides are regulated through the Department of Agriculture.  It is required for your event to be registered with the state before it is even delivered to you! Wouldn't it be a shame if a state inspector were to show up and shut the bounce you just paid for down

Does that really happen?! THE ANSWER IS YES!

Ask the company renting to you to show you a copy of their inspector ID. If they do not have one, do NOT use them!

We are sure you've seen the news lately, MOON BOUNCES ARE BLOWING AWAY! The companies that this is happening to are not legitimate! The units were not commercial grade! no parent should ever have to deal with that!

Peanut's Pop-Ups has a commitment to safety for all children!

You will not find our level of customer service elsewhere.  We cater to every event separately! Upon inquiring about our service we begin jotting down every detail about your event! Be it special requests, surprise parties, specific details about location, etc... We understand that your event is special and we are here to make that happen!

99% of the time the OWNERS will be the ones at your event. We will answer any questions and return should you encounter any problems!

Our attention to detail is impeccable. With dozens of successful events we are ALWAYS on time!

We provide you what we would want our children to have!

You make the decision is price worth the details listed above?

Give Peanut's Pop-Ups a call today and ensure your party is both SAFE and FUN!