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Are your units clean?
Yes, our units are vacuumed and sanitized prior to each use.

How does the bounce stay inflated?
The bounce is inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor unit that must stay on the entire time the bounce unit is being used. The design of the blower is such that no moving parts are exposed. This is a very important safety feature that you should take into account whenever considering a rental. The blower unit must be located within ~75 feet of an electrical outle

What do I do in the event that we receive unexpected rain or high winds (>15 MPH) during our rental?

Given the frequency of afternoon thundershowers and storms in our area, this is a valid concern. It is important to remember that the bounce blower is powered by electricity and that electricity and water don't mix well. If rain is encountered, ask everyone to quickly and calmly exit the bounce. Once it is emptied, unplug the blower and allow the unit to deflate. DO NOT USE THE UNIT IN HEAVY RAIN OR HIGH WINDS! Once the weather has passed, plug the blower back in, allow the unit to inflate and have an adult dry the interior with a towel. This is very important, as the vinyl is very slippery when wet. Once dry, the bounce can be utilized again.

 How much space do I need for an inflatable?
An additional 3 - 5 feet of unobstructed perimeter around each side of the inflatable, this is the bare minimum. Thus a 15 x 15 bouncer requires a 21 x 21 min. sq. foot space to be placed. In addition, low hanging branches are also an obstacle that must be removed.

What requirements do you need for an inflatable?
Our inflatables can be virtually setup up on any level surface such as grass, concrete, asphalt. The location must be free of rocks, sticks, branches, rough debris and fecal material. If you have an in ground sprinkler system, please make sure the timer is not set to go on. If you have outdoor pets you must pooper scoop the area to receive the inflatable and the play area around where the inflatable will be placed.

Do I have to have the moonbounce delivered or can I pick it up myself?
 Unfortunately, you cannot pick the moonbounce up yourself. Due to safety concerns, we are required to set up and take down every rental. This ensures your safety, as the units can be very heavy, as well as allows us an opportunity to review the rules and regulations regarding the operation of the unit. SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST!

What if it is windy or rainy on the day of my event?
 If the local forecast is calling for high winds (> 15 MPH), or rain on the morning of your reservation, we will contact you via phone to reschedule your reservation for another day. Rescheduling is based on availability for the day requested. If you feel that rain or wind is a concern, please bring this to our attention PRIOR to us arriving at your location. No Refunds will be provided once the bounce is set up.
Do you have insurance?
Definitely! Due to the high cost of insurance, there are many companies out there that choose to not carry insurance coverage. However, we believe that this is the most important requirement for running a moonbounce rental business. As such, we are fully insured with a liability insurance policy. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. Please read your rental agreement.